10 Best Woodwick Candles To Buy

Next, to DIY projects, my second favorite type of article to write is a Top 10 list. Especially when it is a new topic I haven't covered yet, and that is exactly what this article is. Today I will be teaching you about Woodwick candles, as well as the 10 best ones to buy.

Woodwick is a type of candle that was designed and is manufactured by one company, the Virgina Candle Company. They are the only ones who make this specific type of candle and they got its name from how the wick is made. While most other candles are made with traditional cotton wicks, these are made with an organic wood wick that is much cleaner and has several benefits over the traditional candles. 

I personally didn't know much about them until recently, and they aren't as well known as most candles are. They were created back in the 1990s, so they haven't been around nearly as long as most candle products. That's why I wanted to create this article and list. Here you will find everything you need to know about what sets these candles apart from other ones, and the best that you can get. If you want to learn all of those things, make sure you stay here. 

Why Woodwick Candles?


There are several reasons why people buy Woodwick candles, besides just the fact that they are unique. Most of these reasons are because of the design of the wick. Its design is unlike any other candles. It is much shorter, wider, and the biggest difference is that is made from organic wood. 

The unique design of this wick provides several benefits. One is the unique sound it makes when it is first lit. It sounds exactly like cracking off wood in a fireplace, which many people find soothing and relaxing. It seems a much more of a natural burn than cotton.

Cleaner Burn

Going along with that natural burn part, the burn from the wood wick is a much cleaner one, as it doesn't add any smoke whatsoever and it smells much more natural. Also, if you burn it correctly, it should make the candle last much longer, and it gives a much more consistent burn, to make sure not to waste any wax. 

The Wax

Besides just the wick, the candle wax is also of the highest quality. You should know by now that we only make soy wax candles, as it is natural and good for the environment. Like we do here at CCF, they also take pride in being environmentally friendly, as they only use the purest of natural waxes and fine essential oils. They have many beautiful and natural fragrances to choose from, and most of their candles are from soy wax.

Tips on Burning It

It should be noted that these candles can be a little bit trickier to burn than other candles, as there are some specific techniques you should follow when doing so. I won't get into them in this post, but if you would like to learn what steps to follow, check out this article, which is straight from their website. It details the differences between a good and bad burn, as you want the wax to melt from the outside in, not the other way around. It gives you tips and techniques on exactly how to make sure that happens.

Other Products They Offer

Besides just these great Woodwick candles, the Virgina Candle Company also sells several other main products. Here's a list of them, to show you other high-quality products you may like from this company.


  • Ribbonwick Candles
  • Hearthwick Candles
  • Oil Diffusers
  • Wax Melts


The 10 Best

Now you have some great background knowledge on exactly what these candles are and why you should buy them. Here's the 10 best that you should consider buying, all made and sold by the Virgina Candle Company. I included a variety of shape, sizes, and scents, so everyone will be able to find a candle they love.

Cabin Fever Soy Candle By Milkhouse

I included this candle for two reasons. One, it is made from recycled glass and its wax is beeswax and soy, the two most natural and cleanest. Also, this woodsy scented candle beautifully captures the smell of the great outdoors, with its woodsy, warm, and spicy aromas. Not only is a healthy for the environment, it also smells great. 

Summer Sweets Trilogy Candle

The Summer Sweets candle is one of Woodwick's trilogy candles, as it has three layers of different colored wax (see picture above). These clear separation in color also represent changes in fragrance, as each of these trilogy candles hav three separate aromas. This particular candle give off a build smell of summer with delicious fruits, as the fragrances included are Sweet Lime Gelato, Raspberry Yuzu, and Sparkling Orange. If you want a fruity candle, this one is definitely for you.

Cinnamon Chai Candle

I included this strong cinnamon candle because it is the fragrance of the month as of writing this, and I've always been a big fan of cinnamon. It's a great quality candle and it features some strong notes of vanilla scent that add and give balance to the dominating cinnamon smell.

Linen Candles

Most people don't necessarily associate candles with smelling of linen, but I've written about this fragrance several times and I'm a fan of it. It's obviously completely different than a fruit or woods scented candle, but I find it relaxing and makes my home smell that much cleaner.

Redwood Candle

Another woodsy candle, which is my favorite category from them, this candle's strong scents will make you feeling as if you are standing in the middle of the forest. It has a rich and clean smell that I find so relaxing and cleansing. The scents included are rich redwood with sandalwood and soft amber.

Evening Bonfire

If you have some great memories of camping or having a big bonfire with friends, this candle may be a little nostalgic for you. Many people love the smell of a good bonfire, but they hate how it gets stuck all over your clothes and hair so that you'll smell like it. That's the best part of having a candle with this scent, as it projects that soothing aroma, without the negative parts.

At the Beach

This candle is your tropical scented one, as it will calm and relax you with its flavors of the beach. Tropical citrus, creamy coconut, and cool sea breezes are the scents that make up this candle, giving you the feeling that your are sitting somewhere in paradise

Fireside Candle

This one is similar to the evening bonfire, but has a little bit cleaner of an aroma, which makes it one of the most popular on their site. It smells more refined and less like you are outdoors, as it has a calmer and warmer feel to it. 

Cafe Sweets

Here is another trilogy candle that has three different aromas that compliment each other and gives a unique and beautiful blend. There's nothing I like in the morning more than a nice hot cup of coffee and that's exactly what this candle emulates. It's strong combo of Vanilla Bean, Caramel and Biscotti give in a warming and awakening scent of a mocha in the morning. Perfect for a morning scent as you get ready for what the day is about to bring.

Gentle Rain

The last candle on this list yet another trilogy candle, as that is by far my favorite variety of the wood wick candles. This candle is a warming spring or early morning candle, as it smells of a fresh rainfall or a cold morning. The three essential oils that make up this candle are Dew Drops, Water Garden, and Aegean Sea. Another great clean smelling nature candle. 


Woodwick candles have been rising in popularity recently and for good reasons. They are made with high-quality wax and fragrances and their wick provides a much more naturally smelling, sounding, and cleaner burn. Also if you notice from their site and some of the links I provided, they are priced very affordably. You can get several of these candles on this list for $10 which is great compared to what most candles are. Yes, they are smaller, but they will last just as long as the wood wick adds a lot to their lifespan.

I only made a list of 10 candles, but they have so many variations on their website. If this article spurred your interest in these type of candles, I would strongly recommend checking out their site and just browsing it. You may find a candle that you like more than any that I included in this list. 

Although maybe not all of these candles will be perfect for you, I'm sure that you will be able to find one here that you will love. I strongly recommend buying a woodwick candle if you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and long lasting candle. Besides the quality of their candles, they are just a great company of sustainability, which is why we support them. 

Dustin Holta
Dustin Holta


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