Chicago Candle Factory is 6 months old!!!

Everyone loves candles.  Chicago Candle Factory produces handmade soy candles.  

What began in Jared’s kitchen with homemade candles has evolved into a small team with common values and goals.  Those values… sustainability, individual expression, beauty, pride of craft… I could go on.  The team is not the only new addition, the space dedicated to cutting bottles and making candles has really allowed us to produce enough to grow in exciting ways.

It has been a great first 6 months for the Chicago Candle Factory.  The response has been tremendous.  Our handmade candles are available in 8 retail locations throughout the city and 2 more in the suburbs.  We also make the candles Honky Tonk BBQ burns on their tables. We make personalized candles in bottles people have saved from special occasions in their lives.  

Sustainability is at the core of the process.  The containers we use are liquor, wine, and beer bottles we collect from bars all over the city.  The ability to salvage something destined to become garbage and transform it into an interactive piece of art is satisfying to say the least.  

Every candle is hand poured using soy wax, but that’s only part of it.  Each candle begins with a concept for the finished product, concept being color(s) and scent.  The color is shaved into thin pieces that dissolve easily when wax is added from the wax melter.  While the wax is absorbing the color the scent is added.  Selecting from a list of over 30 different scents allows great variety in the final product.  Mixing multiple scents to make a custom blend is an art in itself.


Handmade soy wax candles at Dollop coffeeshop

It has been an exciting 6 months and I know the next 6 will be even more so.  Everyone loves candles.  

Jared Wisbrod
Jared Wisbrod


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