Homemade Candle Scent DIY Recipes

Here at Chicago Candle Factory, we not only hand craft great, high-quality candles, we also like sharing with you some great Do-It-Yourself projects. We are passionate about making candles and we also like to try to spread that passion and hopefully inspire others. It's an art form that is starting to grow but is still not well known by many. Our goal is to grow it as much as possible.

We've talked a lot already about how to make your own candles, from the supplies you need to Himalayan salt candles. However, all of these processes we have talked about involve using scented wax that you can buy online. While this is still a very efficient and great way to make candles, what if you want to make your own scent? 

Making your own scent is not only a fun project, but it is also very rewarding. You may know how to make your own wax tarts or a candle, but the scent was made by another company. That is the most important aspect of a candle, as that is what people buy them for. So, why not create the scents yourself? It will add a type of customization that nobody else can duplicate because it is yours.

These processes are a step up from other DIY projects we have gone over as it requires a little bit more skill. But, it is still definitely doable for most people and if you follow the steps below you should have no problem. Your first couple batches may not be perfect. Don't worry! This is to be expected as you will only get better with time. So, if you want to dive into the world of making scents yourself, read here for everything you need to know.


Before we get into the process of making these, here are the materials you need to have. All of these can easily be found online or in any arts and crafts store for cheap.

Soy candle wax (that's what we always recommend, but you can buy other types of wax)
Container for candle
Hot glue gun
A double boiler (if you don't know what that is, check this article out.)
A thermometer
Fragrance oils
Colorants (optional)

Basic Process

  1. Decide what container you will be using for your candle. Glass bottles, mason jars or any other glass containers are perfect.
  2. Take your candle wick and glue it to the bottom of your container with a hot glue gun. Make sure it is sticking straight up and is long enough but not too long.
  3. Measure out the volume of that container, and then get that amount of wax. Melt the wax. (Read here on how to do so.)
  4. Once the wax is completely liquefied, let it cool for a couple of minutes. Measure the temperature and once it dips below 140 degrees F, you can add the fragrance oils and colorants if you desire. You want to wait until it dips below this point because some fragrances will lose their potency if exposed to too hot of wax. 
  5. Once the wax is completely prepared to your liking, simply pour it into your container and let if harden. Once it is, then you are done and you have a great candle you made yourself!

Now, I know that those steps seemed really simple and almost trivial. They also didn't really provide much info on what oils to use, because that is essentially how you create the scent. But don't worry I only included that section to get a baseline for us. Now that you know the process required, we can dive into the specifics on the fragrances to use. 

Option 1: Buy Pre-Made Fragrance

Yes, I know this first option may seem a bit lame, but I included it for someone who is completely new to making candles. If it's your first time doing it, you'll want to be easy. Go onto any fragrance website of your choosing and buy a perfectly blended fragrance oil and add it in. This homemade candle will still smell great even if you didn't invent the scent.

Option 3: Emulate One of These Fragrances

If you want to take this option a step further, you can look at the ingredients of the fragrance and try to emulate it. Buy each of the fragrances individually and add them separately. You won't know the exact percentage of each fragrance, which can actually make it more fun as you will create a scent that is unique but similar.

Option 2: Completely Create Your Own

This is the step everyone wants to know how to do, but it is something that really takes practice and from doing it in person. I can't tell you exactly how to create your own scent because it has to be unique. You know how to make the candle, now you just need a good combination of fragrance oils. 

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to start by thinking what type of scent do you want. Do you want a fruity, summertime scent, or one that resembles a forest and a winter wonderland? My point is that you probably don't want to be mixing strawberry with pine needles, so you'll want to keep a consistent theme throughout your candle.

Here are common themes for candles.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Berry
  • Christmas
  • Citrus
  • Fall
  • Floral
  • Food
  • Outdoors
  • Spicy
  • Tropical/Fruity
Pick one of these categories and then buy some fragrances that correspond in your mind to them. Once you have picked your fragrances, the hard part is over and then you are ready to create your own candle. The section below outlines the mentality you should have when thinking of creating your own.


Tips for Creating Your Own Scent

These recipes given are fairly precise and give you a scent that many people use. So you aren't creating the scent, just duplicating it. If you really want to get good at making your own personal scents, I would highly encourage you to experiment around with the recipes a little bit. The first couple times you make your own aromas, follow the recipes given here strictly and do everything you can to make sure it comes out perfect. Once you have a couple of times under your belt, you will start to become comfortable.

In my opinion, this is where the fun really starts. Sure, it's cool to make the scents yourself. But if you are just copying the recipe, there's not really any creativity or customization. My purpose of showing you these recipes was that so you would become familiar with the process. Now that you hopefully are, start to add other ingredients to these recipes.

Make no mistake about it, these differences don't have to be huge. For instance, with a fruit based scent, add a dash of other fruits and see what you get. There are an unlimited amount of scents out there, which is what makes candle making so cool. If you look at the ingredients for fragrances online, you will see that there may be 5-10 scents packed into one candle. Each of these each has a certain percentage of them that they take up, so even just changing the percentages of each could yield a totally different candle. That's another aspect you just change up with the recipes. Start to use different amounts of each and see what happens. 

Once you get good at adding other scents to recipes, then you can start making your own 100% original scents. This is an exciting but hard step, and you should work your way up to it. But once you become familiar enough with it, it can be a blast to test out what creations you can whip up. Just know not to get discouraged if a particular scent doesn't work out or doesn't smell as good as you would've imagined. This happens to everyone, even professionals. Just keep working and keep notes of what works and what doesn't. 

Who knows, if you become skilled enough with it, you may create a new scent that you are able to sell to a big company. Even if that isn't your goal, it's still a fun art project nonetheless.


When you buy a candle in a store or online, many times you are getting a candle that was mass produced in a factory and all with the same exact scent someone designed. Wouldn't it be great if you could buy a handcrafted personal candle with whatever scent you choose? Well, with the information listed in this article, now you can.

People will be impressed if you make your own candles in general. Saying that you created the scent yourself will be even more of a feat. If you can say that they only thing you didn't make yourself was the wax itself, that will be a huge accomplishment. If you plan to sell your candles or host a candle party for them they should be even bigger of a hit. People love items that are homemade, and these handcrafted candles have a great personal element to them.

There are probably an endless amount of homemade scent recipes out there. If you have an awesome one want to share, include in the comments below so other people can try it out too!

Dustin Holta
Dustin Holta


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