How To Find A Candle Supply Store Near Me

If you are a candle maker and you do so for a profit, it is essential that you buy your supplies in bulk. It is so much cheaper and will require you to go shopping less, allowing you to spend more time on making the candles. However, doing so is a lot easier said than done.

The hardest part of shopping at a good candle supply store is finding one. They aren't exactly everywhere and obvious. Usually, they are fairly small shops with low budgets so they don't advertise. But, one these shops can definitely be "hole in the wall" as the saying goes. You just have to be able to find one near you. So, that's what this article will go into. If you want to find a great shop near you, read this article for all the necessary steps to take.

Why Shop In a Store?

So before everyone starts talking about how buying these supplies online is way better, let me go into the disadvantages of going down that route. The first is paying the shipping. Yes, you can order as much product as you could ever need online, probably more than you could in any store. That isn't the problem. The shipping costs are what will get you. That is a huge disadvantage if you are trying to sell your candles for a decent profit, or just in general as it is one cost that you should avoid if possible.

But, this isn't the only snag you will find with shopping online. Another one is time, which is huge because time is essentially money. Ordering large amounts of supplies can take several weeks to get to you. This is bad for your business as you don't want to spend time waiting when you could be making.

Combine the shipping costs and time with the fact that you can't smell the scents first. This would draw the line for me because you should know exactly what you will be selling. Yes, the websites have very detailed descriptions explaining the different aromas, but you really won't know until you try it in person. You may buy a scent and it could be completely different than what you had imagined. 

With those reasons above, I definitely think buying your supplies, especially the wax, in stores is the way to go. It has so many benefits over getting products online and contributes to local businesses. Yes, it may cost a little bit more, but you will be getting the exact products you want and a much more personalized experience. Add the convenience of being able to get the product whenever you want is also extremely helpful for businesses that burn through products quickly.


Look on a Search Engine

This may be the easiest and most common sense option. How do most people find their information now? By typing in or asking a search engine. "Google it" is a common response if someone asks a question, and for good reason. Everything is out there, and if a candle supply company is of any importance they will definitely have a web presence. So, just type into Google or ask Siri, "what is the nearest candle supply store around me." Just by doing this, you will be able to pull up the store's website and read reviews on it. I feel that this step is really self-explanatory as most people are familiar with this process, but it is still good to reiterate this important tactic.

Word of Mouth

As hard as it is to believe, not every store in your area will have a website or at least one Google can find. Search engines aren't perfect and sometimes they won't display the very best options. Some may just not be registered as a candle supply store online, so you really don't know what you could be missing out on if you only use the internet.

That's why talking to people you know about a good shop to go to is a great way of finding a gem. This step is especially important if you have just moved and are new to the area. There are definitely some popular chains that exist as I well get into later, but most people prefer the typical small business feel. It definitely gives off a much more personal vibe, and they will definitely be much more specialized and enthusiastic about their products. 

Businesses like candle supply stores really get a lot of their business through word of mouth. Unique little niche shops like these are great, but they are relatively unknown and normally don't do much advertising. They only have a few customers, as most every-day people don't make candles. That's how they grow their business, so make sure to tell other people about a particular store if you like it.

Popular Chains

Although I think a local, smaller candle store is the way to go, sometimes it just isn't an option for where you live. Unfortunately, there aren't any chains that only do candle making supplies. I don't think the market would be big enough, as I talked about that almost all of them are small stores. However, there are some large generic arts and craft chains that are located all over the world. These will obviously have a much more limited supply, but they will have the basics. Here are a few stores to look out for in your community.

  • Yankee Candle
  • Jo-Ann
  • Michael’s

    I won't go into details on all of them, as they will all have the same features and products available. But, it is important to note chain stores will really only be beneficial to the casual candle maker who just does so from home. They won't be good for a person trying to make a business out of it and there are several reasons. 

    These reasons have to do with specialization. When you walk into a small, local candle shop there will probably only be one or two employees. A lot of the time the owner will be working too. This is the only thing they do for a business as they are talking about and dealing with candles all day. They will have so much knowledge on the subject and will be able to answer any questions you may have.

    Go into a chain store, and it may take you several minutes just to find where the candle's section is. After that, employees their only have so much knowledge on candles, and may only be able to tell you where the candles are located. Another problem is that the chain won't have near a number of supplies available, both variety and quantity wise. 

    So, if you make candles just in your spare time for fun and in small quantities, one of these national store chains will be perfect for you.

    All Else Fails; Shop Online

    Yes I know it isn't ideal as I talked about in the intro, but buying your products online is still a viable option. I put this step last and for a good reason; it should be your last option. If you live in a small town and have nowhere else to go, ordering online is your only way to get candle supplies in bulk. I kind of destroyed this idea earlier, but let me clarify. Shopping online for your supplies isn't all bad; it definitely has its advantages. Sure I've already detailed the major disadvantages when compared with a store, but one big advantage is the pricing. An online store will almost always have better pricing than any store you will find. This is because these online sites are much larger companies, which have the ability to do business all over the world, not just in one community. 

    Another good thing about an online shop is that they will have so much variety. If you have a specific scent you want, you will easily be able to find it online. An online store will usually have a much wider range of products to choose from, which can in itself be a little overwhelming.

    Buying supplies online are perfect for that scenario because you don't have to test the smell to see if you like it. Now, an in-person shop will definitely give you a much better experience, but if you can't find any near you, shopping online will definitely be able to handle needs for a business or just for personal use.


    As you may be able to tell, there are a lot of advantages when it comes to buying your candle supplies from a store in person. The only problem is finding one, and many people are too lazy to do this. It is much easier to search and order everything you need from an online shop. However, it just isn't nearly the same experiene.

    My goals in this article was not only to tell you how to find a great shop in your area, but also inspire you to shop at these more. If you spend some time looking with the steps I provided, you may be amazed with some of the quality shops you may find.

    Dustin Holta
    Dustin Holta


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