How To Throw A Candle Party: Candle Party Ideas & Tips

A candle party is a great and fun way for you to sell candles easily. Whether they are candles you made yourself or ones purchased from a candle company, it is a very efficient way to sell your product as you will have a lot of people there at once. Inviting over friends and family for a party and then possibly making some money off of your creations you've put a lot of work into, is much for effective than going door to door or selling them online. These people know you, and if you impress them with a great candle or scent, they will be sure to support your hard work. 

But, how should you throw this party? There are some things you should definitely do when planning this night, and things to avoid at all costs. Here are some great tips on everything you need to know about throwing that perfect party.


Set A Date

The absolute first thing you should do is pick a date on your schedule, no less than three weeks out. Pick it on a Friday or Saturday night, as those are two nights when people are most likely to be available. Make sure it doesn't conflict with any major holidays or other events in your community, as you will want as many people to show up as possible. 

People are busy with lots of other engagements, so not everyone will be able to make it. You need to expect that. Be firm with the date, and don't change it unless a large majority of the people can't make it.

Invite People

This one is kind of a no-brainer, but it is still extremely important. Start by putting together a list of the people you are thinking of inviting. Make sure you have enough people who would possibly come so the night will be worth it. I would say no less than ten or so, and as many as you would have room for in your house.

Good people to invite include family members, friends, and coworkers. Let them know that it will be a casual night mostly for fun and that the candles are more of an addition. That will ensure them there is no pressure to buy, and make it more likely to come.

Invite them with directions about what will be going on, when, where, and if they need to bring anything, which they shouldn't need to, besides their wallets. Many people haven't heard of a candle party, so make it clear it will be a nice get together that includes you selling your products. When inviting them, make sure you ask them to RSVP as soon as possible, so you can anticipate how many people will be in attendance. You will need this information to be able to move onto the next step. 

Determine Which Products You will Sell

Getting your candles in order is crucial for this big night, and it is the first thing you should after you know how many people are coming. Take an inventory and make sure you have more than enough candles to go around. You definitely want to have more than you think you will sell, as more is always better than less.

Once you have invited everyone, count that number and I would recommend having at least two candles for each of those people, more if you can. This may be more than you need, but you never know who will buy what. It's always good to err on the side of caution.

You also want to consider the best candles for the season you are in. If you are in summer, consider some light, fruity fragrances that are bright and colorful. In the wintertime, consider some pine or other tree scented candle. Also, consider special holiday candles, as people may be more inclined to purchase one due to the special occasion.

Also, make sure you don't go overboard on the variety available. If you give your guests 20 different scents, it may make it harder for them to choose during the night. I would say focus on around 4-8 of your best scents and push for those. That variety is small enough to where they won't have to try a ton of candles but at the same time big enough of a selection to where everyone will be able to find at least one they like. 


Your guests aren't going to want to buy a candle if they don't know how it smells. They can smell it without burning all they want, but they really won't get a feel for it unless it is lit. Consider making or buying some small samples of your candles. Since it is a candle party, you should always have one burning. This is how you let the candles sell themselves. For example, your party could be talking, doing something completely unrelated, and someone may notice the scent and really like it. They may ask you about it and then purchase one. This is how you want to sell your candles.

Most of the time at the party should be dedicated to your guests having fun, relaxing and enjoying themselves. You may consider doing a small sales pitch at the beginning and end of the night. This pitch should include telling them a little bit about the candle; what it's made out of, what it is great for, and other things like that. But after that, have fun and let the candles sell themselves.

Make sure they are all displayed on a nice table, so people can go over and look and smell the candles whenever they please. Your friends and family know why they are there. Don't nag or push your products and you will sell more than you would have imagined.


You will definitely want to serve refreshments, as what is a party without those? You won't want to have sit down dinner food, but rather appetizers and finger foods that are easy for people to eat on plates while doing other activities. The food is really up to you, as you know what people like. Good suggestions include shrimp, pretzels, chips with dip, vegetable dip, pizza, or whatever you like.

As far as drinks go, that is again completely up to your discretion. If you are planning on serving alcohol, a nice red or white wine is perfect for the mood. It's probably best to avoid hard liquor, as you don't want it getting out of hand with people getting drunk, and spending their money foolishly. This may only make them resent you in the morning. Whether you are going to serve alcohol or not, make sure you also have a sober alternative, like water, apple cider, or any other drink that may be festive.


Another thing to occupy your guests, lighten the mood, and have a great time is incorporating some type of game into the evening. You can do whatever party or board games you like, but I would also recommend trying to do some fun candle games to get people thinking about them.

If you have never heard of candle games, that's understandable, and your guests probably haven't either. But, here is a great idea that is easy to teach, can be played in large groups, and your guests will start to enjoy once the game is started. One of my favorites that is a great way to start a party is a scent guessing game. Wrap several different scented candles in dark tissue paper, so people have no idea what it is. Have guests smell each and guess what the scent is. Give a small prize, like a free sample, or a discount on your candles, to anyone who guesses correctly.

There are actually quite a bit of candle games out there, and you can research and pick other ones you think your guests may like. I think this one is the best as it is the simplest and least involved. You may not want to play candle themed games all night as your guests may start to become restless, but one or two is perfect in my opinion.


Giving people discounts or deals, such as "Buy one, get one half-off" are great ways to give people the incentive to buy your products. Remember, a lot of these people who you will invite aren't anywhere near as passionate about candles as you. Sure, they may like them and think they add a nice touch to their house, but you have to sell them to them. This can be difficult, because yes they are your close friends and family. But, don't make it feel like you are selling candles to them, and don't press too hard. Odds are, just as a thank you for throwing the party with everything else involved, most people will buy at least one or two, some more.

Dustin Holta
Dustin Holta


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